In her debut EP Garden of Ruin, Kristine sings about authenticity, relationships, and overcoming adversity in genres ranging from the Blues, World Folk, Alternative Country, and to Adult Contemporary. In other words, Kristine writes and sings from an introspective place in eclectic musical styles. The EP was produced by the late Eric Johnson of Michigan, released in 2018, and features many musicians she has worked with in a variety of bands, including Eric, over the last decade.

Kristine's current goal is to release new originals in a rock style, reflecting a shift from performing covers of this style pre-pandemic to writing and performing more of her own rock originals. “Original” has been re-constructed with Jayce Allen providing much of the instrumentation, some of the backing vocals, and recording services. Drew, a graduate of Full Sail University in audio engineering has been providing engineering and post-production services.  

April 2024 UPDATE: “Original” is heading to mastering!  More information on how to get your copy of this single coming SOON! 


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